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Pottery Classes

Classes are available for children, teens, adults, and parent/grandparent-child combos.

Perfect for beginners !!

During these classes, students learn the various hand-building techniques and throw pots on one of the pottery wheels. The use of color and decoration to augment and enrich projects is also taught. Students have full creative control over what they want to make, while I'm on hand for instruction and to offer suggestions.

Classes have between 4 and 6 students per class. The cost for all 6-week sessions with a 90 minute class once a week is $110 per person (includes taxes). This includes clay, glazing, two firings, all tools and colored slips for decoration and taxes. All pots are oven proof and food safe.


It's fun, relaxing, mesmerizing and challenging. Fabulous things are happening in these classes!


Summer Pottery Classes

There are a number of sessions throughout the summer for children, adults, teens, and parent/grandparent-child combos. A session lasts one week with 90 minute classes on weekdays, either in the morning or afternoon.



- week of July 3rd,
Monday through Friday, morning or afternoon


- week of July 17th
Monday through Friday, morning or afternoon


- week of July 24th
Monday through Friday, morning or afternoon


- week of August 7th
Monday through Friday, morning or afternoon


- week of August 14th
Monday through Friday, morning or afternoon


- week of August 21st
Monday through Friday, morning or afternoon

With only 4 to 7 people in a class, I just find out from those interested what is best and go from there. If you let me know what time works with your schedule, I can build around that. When the week of classes are over and the projects are completely dry, they are then fired in an electric kiln. Then there will be an another class for glazing pottery at a time that is convenient for everyone. The pottery will be glaze fired to a temperature of approximately 2160*F. So, the price of $110 includes all 6 classes, taxes, clay, glazes and both firings. If the person is from out-of-town and can not come to the glaze class, they can give me directions on what they want done. All pottery is waterproof, food and oven safe.

Create-your-own Class

If you can get 6 (ideally), family or friends together, I’d be pleased to teach a special 6-week session with your group at a time that fits your schedule. It’s really fun and exciting to learn a new skill along side people you know! And a daytime session would work too. A good idea for students or anyone else who wants to add a whole new dimension to their everyday life!

Fall Pottery Classes 2017

After School Classes

Are on the same day each week, either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Classes are 90 minutes long. They can start at 3, 4:30, 5 or 5:30 depending on what students in each class need. Because classes are limited to between 4-6 students, it’s quite easy deciding which time suits them best.

Evening Classes

Start at 5:30, 6 or 7pm on either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Classes are 90 minutes long and are limited to 4-6 students. Other times could be available too if I have enough people to form a small group.

*Day time classes are available upon request


GIFT CERTIFICATES are available!

Special Pottery Classes

Have a special anniversary or birthday coming up? Want something different on a night out? Say a special "thank you" to someone? Try a creative activity with people you know in a pottery class tailored for your specific needs. These special classes are 90 minutes to 2 hours long. The cost is $30 per person. This includes all taxes, instruction, two firings, and clay. Make a bowl, creature, planter, tooth brush/pencil/candle holder. I teach a technique and everyone makes one special creation using what they’ve learned. That means that most of the time everyone is making something different — their own one-of-a-kind creation! Exercise your sense of adventure and try a new, creative opportunity that’s fun in a cozy, home-studio space. Projects are glazed in a color of your choice to make them oven, water proof and food safe.

Special Events Include:

    • Family Classes • Office and team-building classes • Birthday parties and anniversaries • Couples Classes • Bridal Showers • Christmas Parties • Visitors to Kingston • Fund Raisers

    Visitors to Kingston

    Take a special pottery class while visiting Kingston. Create a lovely memory of your trip by visiting a working pottery studio and exploring what clay offers. The class is 90 minutes to 2 hours long. The cost is $30 per person. This includes all taxes, supplies and two kiln firings.

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    I have seen students of all ages cross my path. It's amazing what each person comes up with, given they've all had the same instruction!

    Linda's Work


    I am happy to make personalized bowls, plates, mugs, you name it for children, grandparents, parents, valentine’s day, weddings, anniversaries, team coaches, teachers, employees or other special people or occasions in your life. Price varies according to size and decoration. Bowls start at $24, which includes tax.

    • Soup/salad/cereal bowls • Pasta bowls • Mugs • Milk Pitchers • Vases • Serving bowl, fruit bowls • Trays • Planters

    About Linda

    I’m a people person and love what I do! Having a Bachelor of Education degree with a specialty and experience in Special Education, makes me aware of the many ways people learn and process information. I've been a practicing professional potter, teaching pottery for over 25 years. Teaching pottery is a pleasure for me… it’s not work. I have had the wonderful opportunity of teaching pottery to people from all walks and stages of life. I find it very rewarding to see people learn to handle clay in an accepting atmosphere of discovery.

    Contact Information

    • 613.549.3546

    • Near Downtown Kingston